As A Business Leader You Are Constantly Under Pressure To Successfully Deal With Various Operational, Tactical And Strategic Challenges, And To, At The Same Time, Leverage Innovative Business Opportunities To Drive Business Value Add. The New Business Mantra Indeed Is To Do Twice As Much With Half The Resources In Half The Time, And To Repeat This Again Tomorrow!
Given The Relentless Pace, It Is Not Surprising That Managers Frequently Turn To Training ‘Packages’ – Often Advertised As The Solution To A Universally Pre-Existent Problem. The Result Is A Poor Matching Of Training Provision To Actual Learning Requirements And A Failure To Understand The Situational Factors That Influences Behavior.
The Competitive Landscape Has Changed Dramatically And Forever, And The Ability Of Business To Respond In A Manner That Leads To Sustainable Advantage And Performance Requires New Thinking And New Tactics. This Is Also Applicable To The Learning And Development Landscape – We Need To Rethink How We Prepare People Adequately To Deal With A More Complex And Volatile Workplace.